Solar Experts Australia

With over 10,000 installs and 25 years of electrical experience, Phoenix Solar and Electrical has been a pioneer in the development and installation of solar energy systems.

We are proud to offer clean, efficient and affordable energy for affordable energy Australia Wide

  • Domestic/Residential installations
  • Optimization installs for shade effected areas
  • Commercial Installations (Factories, Retail stores)
  • Solar System servicing and diagnostics
  • Energy saving tips (time clocks, LED lighting upgrades, managing high drawing loads efficiently)
  • Panel removing and reinstallation when getting roof painted
  • Solar panel cleaning & safety checks



How does Solar work?

Think of your residential OR commercial solar system as your very own in-house coal fire power station… Minus the pollution to our Earth and the hefty price tag each quarter!

Basically, there are two types of electricity in today’s world, DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current). When the sun hits the solar panels on the roof, they instantly generate DC voltage and current. Your house and all its appliances ONLY run off AC power, that is where the Solar Inverter comes into play. The power from the roof is brought down to the grid tied inverter where it then converts the power from the roof, to power you and I use in our everyday lives, (DC converted to AC), then feeds your circuits in your entire home essentially creating your very own power source!