Our Process

Get set up in 5 easy steps

Installing a solar energy system with Phoenix Solar and Electrica isn’t just one of the smartest decisions you can make – it’s also easy!

We’ve installed over 10,000 solar energy systems in Gold Coast and Brisbane so far (still counting!) and we’ve worked hard to make a process that’s as seamless as possible.

Our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installation expert, Paul could get you saving money on your electricity bills in no time.

Step 1

Once you’ve formally accepted your solar quote, we’ll email you an agreement which needs to be signed.

Step 2

Our accredited installer will contact you to organise a date for installation. This will normally happen two to seven weeks after we contact you.

Step 3

Let’s get started! An installation specialist will arrive on the day you agreed on. Someone will need to be home for the installation to happen, and, in most cases, the whole installation will take less than a day.

Step 4

Once we’ve confirmed everything’s working as it should be, we’ll arrange the connection of your bi-directional meter to the grid.

Step 5

Congrats! You can start enjoying your new system and watch the electricity bill savings start to roll in.